Back To The Future with Rick Owens


If you're someone who is fascinated with clothes that empower then Rick Owens is no stranger to you. Like me, I can vividly recall how his F/W 2008 Stag collection was enduringly a pivotal and life-changing episode in my sartorial sojourn. As humans, we have this quixotic desire for perfection and for me, in this so-called quest of "personal style" I have learned to love , hate, admire, dream, lust everything Rick Owens released. His designs coincide my persona: Someone who is shy to approach a stranger yet extremely brave to wear a full leather ensemble on a hot summer day. That's me. 

In this video, I will be dissecting each piece that I have acquired over the past 6 months or so and to make it slightly interesting I thought of doing it chronologically so we can see how the evolution or should I say "EVIL-ution" of Rick Owens' design matured over the years. It's very exciting to see a label grow since Rick has a singular niche voice so noticing a minute nuance is fun for me.  I hope this is insightful for all of us! For the lovers of Avant Garde, dark fashion and Rick Owens! Cheers!

One of my rare purchases from his latest collection, the Larry gown from the SS2020 Tecuatl collection. A  cupro based gown with a lot of airy quality. Not stretchy hence it doesn't cling on my body which I love. I am not a fan of sexy dressing, for me this dress is my homage to The Row and the ease of a kaftan dress!

The silhouette of this jacket is a summary of the early aesthetic of Rick. Very gothic vampiric and almost nomadic. The fang peplum detail dates back to 2008-2009 and I love the hammered oiled kangaroo leather that he used for this piece.
Rick Owens Primal Rawness In Full Power: I mixed the jacket with the LIMO skirt for that gothic glamour mixed with my outrageous Brancusi boots for that sculptural statuesque sensibility!

The Bauhaus pants from Phlegethon SS2021. A grail piece for the die hard Rick Owens streetwear boys and girls. I bought this to update my Rick Owens fits because I noticed that majority of my pieces are very old. It's nice to refresh things a bit! I wore it with my leather lambskin power shoulder bodysuit from TECUATL 

I finally have these boots! The thigh high boots from FW2012 Mountain collection. It's a precursor to the Ballast boots Phlegethon  / Gethsemane.


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